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The methodology behind the business cases

The BUDDIE-PACK project will develop solutions for reusable plastic packaging (RPP) in order to substitute single use plastic packaging in six market applications, encompassing daily-life uses of plastic packaging for food and home care goods.

Business cases will cover two possible methods for the packaging return:

  • on site, which allows excellent traceability;

  • from home, which presents an additional security risk since consumers' use at home is not traceable.

RPP decontamination and safety control strategies will differ accordingly: site returns allow more flexible decontamination measures while home returns require tighter decontamination and monitoring.

The 6 business cases

BUDDIE-PACK will demonstrate the packaging designs, drivers to change consumers'  behaviour and business models through six business cases, each one led by a company. Each business cases will involve several phases to ensure the respect of clients' needs and iteratively optimise RPP design and manufacturing.

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