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Dawn Meats Group was established in 1980 in Co. Waterford, Ireland, and is one of Europe’s largest food processing companies with a turnover in excess of 2 billion Euro, processing 1 million cattle and 3 million sheep per annum and producing 430,000 tonnes of added value meat products, including consumer packs which are delivered daily to Europe’s retail outlets. The Group is a family-owned business with 7,000+ employees in 12 countries, supplied by 30,000 farmers; it contributes approx. €1.67bn to rural Economies in Ireland and the UK. We operate 25 technically advanced slaughter, deboning, shelf ready retail packing and cooking facilities, strategically placed throughout Ireland and UK, exporting to more than 50 countries and more than 5,000 customers worldwide. 


Dawn Meats is committed to sustainability, being the first European Beef and Lamb processor to have its science-based targets approved by the SBTi in 2019, and more recently announcing the launch of our updated sustainability roadmap, “Plan Four Zero”, which represents an investment of €100m in our operations and supply chains in the period to 2030.


Dawn Meats is furthering its sustainability agenda within the BUDDIE-PACK Consortium by examining novel re-usable meat packaging formats, working with partners to develop and test suitable meat packaging which fulfils all shelf life and legal requirements, to be safely packed in a Dawn Meats packaging facility and distributed to a selected customer for multiple iterations of use.


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He joined Dawn Meats in 2012, working in the Innovation@Dawn Group function writing, managing, protecting IP, and commercialising both internal R&D and external projects with Research Organisations and Tech centres.

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She joined Dawn Meats in 2019, and is Group Packaging Development Manager.

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She joined Dawn Meats in 2016, and is Group Food Safety & Quality Project Manager

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