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Eléonore Blondeau

9 mai 2023

Paris, May 9, 2023 (TBC) – Re-uz® and ETERNITY Systems announce their partnership to conquer the French collective catering market. Re-uz®, a key player in Europe for reusable food containers, and ETERNITY Systems, a world reference in the washing of reusable containers and packaging, have decided to join forces, subject to any applicable regulatory approvals, to offer a complete and innovative range of products, particularly aimed at the catering market.

By combining Re-uz®’s expertise in sustainable and reusable food containers and ETERNITY Systems’ know-how on the subject of large-scale industrial washing, the two companies intend to propose a complete, ecological and economical offer for local authorities, companies and associations wishing to commit to a responsible approach, which will soon be mandatory under the AGEC and EGALIM laws.The implementation of this industrial and commercial synergy will allow Re-uz® and ETERNITY Systems to reinforce their presence on the catering market, by proposing a relevant offer, adapted to the needs of each customer, both on the spot and in home delivery, and which responds to the current stakes of re-use and environmental preservation.

For Philippe Berthe, CEO of Impact Group (Nutripack® and Re-uz®) : For Philippe Berthe, CEO of Impact Group (Nutripack® and Re-uz®) : "We are very pleased with this partnership with ETERNITY Systems which allows us to reinforce our Positioning on the market of collective catering by offering a global and sustainable solution" .

Gildas Bouilly, CEO of ETERNITY Systems declares "The collaboration between Re-uz® and ETERNITY Systems is a significant step forward for responsible collective catering. By combining our respective expertise, we are able to offer a complete and innovative range of products and services that meet the current environmental and economic challenges. We are proud to contribute to this ecological and social transition of the catering market, in order to take a further step towards the generalization of reuse" .

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